Jonathan Rewcastle

Full Stack Software Engineer from Newcastle upon Tyne with over 11 years' experience in a wide range of technologies and a strong passion for technology and creating an excellent user experience; committed continuous learner, advocate of coding quality, and mentor; keen runner with a love of the outdoors

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Software Engineer, BBC

September 2022 - Present

Joined as part of the North East Technology Hub, initially as part of the Analytics Services team, delivering and supporting core services used across the entire product range. Now with the Audiences Portal team, developing and maintaining a Next.js web application for data presentation for presenting audience figures to internal stakeholders and teams.

  • Developing a modern web-application using the latest technologies including Next.js and React
  • Utilising AWS monitoring services for availability and performance, overhauling the previous approach to address technical challenges
  • Community outreach, promoting the new tech hub at various external events
  • Speaking at the BBC's North East Tech Hub meetup and representing the organisation externally

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Software Engineer, Waters Corporation

Feb 2020 - Aug 2022

Part of the core development team for CONFIRM Sequence, an innovative new tool to enable scientists to develop nucleic acid therapeutics using the latest Angular and .NET Core.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders including scientists to overcome complex challenges
  • Interviewing, mentoring, and onboarding of apprentices and new developers
  • Working in an Agile manner with fast-paced product development whilst maintaining quality in heavily regulated and safety-critical environment (including extensive test automation)
  • Point of contact for Angular expertise

Key Projects

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Software Developer, NBS

Sep 2015 - Feb 2020

Working as part of an Agile software delivery team, predominantly on NBS Chorus, an innovative software-as-a-service platform using the latest technologies.

  • Use of a wide variety of technologies and frameworks, including Angular 8, Node.js, C# with ASP.NET, and git flow source control
  • Working with external collaborators to develop integrations with third party products
  • Collaborating with other teams including design and QA
  • Mentoring of work experience and graduates through pair programming and code reviews, and working with local schools to promote software development as a career
  • Using good practices such as Dependency Injection and unit testing

Key Projects

Community OutreachMentoringAngularExpress.jsNode.jsTypeScript

Mobile App Developer, Self Employed

October 2014 - September 2015

Creation of mobile applications, predominantly for iOS devices, enabling me to gain a greater insight into the process of developing and releasing a product to customers.

  • Planning, designing, and building native iOS mobile applications from scratch
  • Creation of app assets and marketing material
  • Providing support to customers and handling feature requests / suggestions
  • Keeping up to date with changes to technologies and platforms

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Mobile Platform Developer, AYO Digital

Feb 2014 - Oct 2014

Native iOS mobile app development in a fast-paced digital agency.

  • Responsible for the entire app architecture and development as the sole mobile app developer, working with server-side teams to design, agree on and document web services
  • Development of iOS applications for external customers as well as developing and maintaining internal products
  • Working with other members of the team including designers and project management to deliver projects to clients in a fast-paced environment
  • Left due to company insolvency

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Web Developer, CT-Web

Sep 2012 - Aug 2013

PHP and frontend web development for a wide variety of clients and projects.

  • Development of a wide range of websites for clients using the latest web-based technologies, and maintenance of an in-house PHP CMS
  • Integration of bespoke features such as e-commerce stock management, property search, forums, blogs, and social media
  • Provision of phone and email support for clients
  • This position provided me with technical skills, customer service experience, time-management with multiple projects, and working to agreed requirements and deadlines

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BSc (Hons) Computer and Network Technology (First Class), Northumbria University

September 2009 - June 2012

A highly dynamic course with emphasis on relevant practical skills, teamwork and communication exercises, self-management, planning and critical thinking skills.

  • Key modules include Web Design (80%), Web Development (90%), Using UNIX (92%), Network Technology 2 (95%), Programming in C/C++ (88%), Network Technology 3 (93%), Ethical Hacking (71%), and OS Network Issues (87%)
  • Final project (85%) involved the development of and 25,000-word dissertation on the development of an embedded system web interface for home automation networks

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CONFIRM Sequence (Waters)

An innovative new tool to help scientists develop nucleic acid therapeutics. The app performs advanced analysis and presentation of data from scientific instruments.

I started working on this application at the beginning of the project after joining Waters in February 2020 and saw the development through to its initial release.

Landing Page | Press Release | Project Literature

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NBS Chorus (NBS)

An award-winning innovative software-as-a-service platform using the latest in web technologies. NBS Chorus was awarded the 'Best New BIM Product' award at the BIM show Live held on 25th February 2020.

I worked on NBS Chorus between July 2017 and February 2020. My role in the project, as well as developing core features, involved working with external partners to integrate our web app into third party software, and agree on an interface for two-way communication.

Landing Page | News Article | Press Release


MyPeaks UK Hills (iOS Application)

First launched on the App Store in 2012, MyPeaks is a 'hill bagging' application useful for hill walkers, featuring lists and a map of the UK's hills and mountains, and enabling logging and targeting of hill climbs. At the time of writing the app has an average rating of 4.6 stars and is in the Top 40 paid Navigation apps in the app store charts.

Developed as a native iOS application, initially using an SQLite database, and now using Cloud-Kit enabled Core Data for synchronisation capabilities.

Initially the app was created using Objective-C, UIKit, and Storyboards. Newer or updated parts of the app use Swift and SwiftUI.

Landing Page | View on the App Store

iOS DevelopmentSwiftObjective-CSwiftUIUIKitCore Data

World Jigsaw (iOS Application)

Launched in 2015, World Jigsaw is interactive puzzle game in which the user drags movable country shapes into their correct location on a world map.

The free app, which at the time of writing has an average rating of 4.3 stars, uses low-level graphics functionality from the Core Graphics framework to handle the rendering and interaction of shapes. It also features save/resume functionality and scoreboards backed by Core Data, and Game Center integration.

Landing Page | View on the App Store

iOS DevelopmentObjective-CCore Graphics

Map Challenge (Mobile / Web App)

A geographical map quiz game, in which users are presented with a series of locations on a map and asked to identify them by name.

I have recreated the app several times to gain exposure to new technologies - first as a native iOS application, secondly as a Xamarin Forms application, thirdly using the Ionic framework, and finally the Unity game engine. The Ionic version is linked to below.

Web Demo (Ionic)


MyPeaks Ionic (Web App)

A prototype created in order to test the feasibility of using Ionic and Angular to produce a cross-platform version of the MyPeaks iOS application mentioned above. As this is a prototype not all functionality may be implemented or work as expected.

Ultimately, I have decided that whilst this is feasible, the native map experience and performance on the iOS platform is superior to the web app alternative, so am sticking to the native application for the time being.

Web Demo (Ionic)


Globe Challenge (Web App)

Simple prototype geography quiz web app also using Ionic and Angular. This project involved using freely available data from a wide range of sources including GeoNames, Natural Earth, and Wikipedia, to produce the data driving the app. The Leaflet.js library has been used to create highlightable country outlines for the user to identify from GeoJSON data.

Web Demo (Ionic)